Aleksandra & Dusan

Aleksandra & Dusan

A wedding in Syros

Like most foreigner couples, Aleksandra and Dusan, originally requested for a small wedding between family, in Mykonos. I suggested Syros instead and the couple agreed! It was a risk!!! I was anxious to see their reactions when they would see the island as they would only get to know it few days before the wedding. They did not regret it and that was a huge relief for me. Dusan and Aleksandra, trusted me throughout the whole process of the wedding, even for the smallest details and there are no words to describe my happiness when I saw them so happy with everything.

Aleksandra is a happy, beautiful, gentle soul who smiles and enjoys life. Dusan is intelligent, handsome, friendly and caring person. They are the perfect match! It is easy to tell from the first time you meet them. Aleksandra wanted to get married to Agios Nikolaos church and then have the dinner party at a villa. We found the best one for them. Minimal style, with great views of the aegean blue with an amazing swimming pool which could host all the guests.

In the morning of the wedding day everyone was relaxed listening to music, swimming, joking and having a lovely time. The couple got ready early and decided to go for an afternoon stroll in the best spots of Ermoupolis which is a neoclassical town, while Yiannis was taking pictures of them the whole time. It is not often couples have a photoshooting before the wedding and it was great as it was the perfect time to visit Ermoupolis and go around wearing your wedding dress! The shops were closed and everyone was at the beach so the town was empty and the light was simply perfect.

After the ceremony, the wedding party went back to the villa to enjoy the dinner. The food served by a private caterer was Greek and it was family style. It was simply fantastic. They all agreed on that! What impressed me was that the next day I was invited for breakfast and asked to take the remaining food to an institution. The surprise was that Dusan came along and offered the food himself! That kind of person he is!

I was sad to say good bye but they promised to visit Syros soon!

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