Emily & Will

Emily & Will

A wedding in Spetses

Spetses is a cosmopolitan and stately island, where the traffic is limited but not prohibited whose pace of life is slow and relaxed. This island was chosen by Emily & Will to seal their love! They selected the destination based on sentimental reasons… Spetses was Will’s personal paradise since from his teenage years he was coming in Spetses to have a great time with his friends and it is the place that signifies his love for Emily as they spent their first holiday together on the island. Emily and Will are British actors. Sweet, beautiful, smiling couple and caring couple!

Emily got dressed at a Xenon Estate, a wonderful place for a bride to get ready. The view, the green, the pool and of course and the apartments themselves of course make you wish you never left form there. Their friends arrived in groups and they were all so nice and friendly and happy to be in Spetses. Will got ready at Poseidonion Grand Hotel, the landmark of Spetses.

They chose Kaiki for both the ceremony and the party, a very popular place. The ceremony took place on the beach and the whole decoration concept was boho. Emily’s bridal bouquet was a piece of art. Five thousand fairy lights were placed on the ceiling of Kaiki which made the whole venue look like a fairy tale.

As soon as the ceremony ended the couple left with a horse and carriage for a location shooting while the guests listened to a Greek traditional band playing music. The dinner was followed by touching speeches, and a lot of dancing. It was a great party.

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