Erin & John

Erin & John

A wedding in Monemvasia

Erin, the American bride fell in love with John, the Greek, but she also fell in love with Greece, its history and its beauty. John’s father’s origin is from the area of Laconia, in Peloponnese, so that was the main reason why they chose Monevmasia for their celebration.

Monemvasia constitutes a Medieval fortress with a town next to it. The attraction of this location lies on its interesting ruins, which include not only this defensive structure, but also the many Byzantine churches of the adjacent town. The rock is very picturesque with colours ranging between brown and pink tones. For the accommodation of the guests the couple chose Lazareto Hotel, right by the entrance of the rock. It is a beautiful and peaceful stone built hotel that offers tranquillity and quality of service. Exactly what the couple was looking for.

While in the morning the guests spent their time visiting the Castle or chatting and swimming by the swimming pool, preparations had already started. Everything went exactly as planned.

They chose to have their Orthodox ceremony at a little church called Chrysafitissa in the castle of Monemvasia. All who witnessed were transferred by vans to the entrance of the Castle and then walked to the church admiring the beauty of the buildings and the scenery. A welcome drink was offered to them upon arrival and until the bride arrived with her father. The ceremony was beautiful and although performed in Greek the guests understood what was happening at all times as they were given a translation of the ceremony in English. The reception and party was held at Lazaretto premises and everything was romantic as the bride had wished for.

Walking among the greeneries, the historical roads, having a great view of the sea, the couple fulfilled all of their expectations for a magical and unforgettable wedding. Monemvasia means “one-way” and Erin and John chose this “one-way” to a common life, full of happiness and love with a promise to return soon to Peloponnese!

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