Katerina & Andrew

Katerina & Andrew

A wedding in Paros

Katerina and Andrew met a long time ago in Melbourne Australia. They spent some time with each other both in Australia and going on holidays overseas together. It was then that Katerina realized that they were right for each other but as they were too young to commit, Katerina decided to follow her dreams and moved to the UK for 2 years and travelled Europe.

But the distance made Andrew realize that she was the one! So when Katerina returned to Australia he didn’t waste any time and asked her on a date. Day by day their relationship got stronger and they became a good team… On their vacation they went to New Caledonia and when Andrew suggested they buy a bottle of Veuve at the duty free, Katerina suspected that maybe this would be THE trip!

Katerina loves the blue and white of the Cyclades and Andrew is of Greek origin so they decided that they should get married on one of the Cyclades islands. Paros won their hearts and since both wished for a beach wedding, we proposed ASPRO SEASIDE. All guests stayed at Boudari Hotel which is a small family owned hotel next to the sea. All guests were together at all times and that was great for the two families.

The wedding day went on very relaxed as neither the bride nor the groom very nervous! They enjoyed every moment of it. The bride and her party arrived by a fishing boat with the captain playing Russian music live!
At the end of the ceremony the couple left for pictures while the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour!

The decoration had yellow and blue touches, based on the sunflower which grows in Russia and Katerina had in her garden when she was young and blue as they were in Cyclades!

The reception was very different than any other I had experienced, it was the Russian way they told me. Actually, although I had my doubts, it was very intelligent. What they did was between dishes change the music to dance music and they danced instead of chatting at the tables until the end of the dinner. That resulted to a lot of dancing!!!!

The next day the couple left with a sailing boat to discover the aegean sea and its beautiful islands. Their flag was waving to Paros thanking the island for its warm hospitality and all those who travelled from so far to celebrate with them.

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