Katerina & Giorgos

Katerina & Giorgos

A wedding in Syros

When I first met Katerina and Giorgos I could never have expected what was yet to come!!! This amazing couple wanted a wedding party and not a wedding reception! And that was exactly what we offered them. Katerina was calm and relaxed during the whole process while Giorgos was the one who was more nervous and anxious about the small details! However on the wedding day both were relaxed and truly enjoyed every moment of it. Two lovely people who love each other and care for one another!

Their guests arrived from different parts of Greece to the island of Syros and stayed in various boutique hotels and rooms in the town. The ceremony took place at the church of Agios Nikolaos in Ermoupolis while the party was hosted at Asteria Beach bar. As always a successful combination. Setup and preparations started very early in the morning and everything run very smoothly with no surprises. The venue was setup half with round tables and the other half with couches and coffee tables and stands. Emphasis was given to the music and lots of drinks!!!!

The groom waited for his bride inside the church and all guests enjoyed the churches’ choir which even for Greeks is out of the ordinary! The bride beautiful in her vintage wedding dress smiling at everyone!

The decoration was with minimal with lavender and burlap and lots of candles. A welcome table with various pictures of the bride and groom was placed at the entrance.

The couple chose their own signature cocktails and offered drinks all night which resulted to a tremendous party where all who witnessed danced until the sun came up!

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