Kim & Theo

Kim & Theo

A wedding in Chalkida

A three day wedding story that took place at the beautiful town of Chalkida. Kim is from Germany and Theo is Greek who was raised in Germany but spent a few years in Greece during his childhood and whose family owns a house there. The young couple decided to have their wedding in Chalkida as they both spent their vacations there and have lots of memories! We first met during the inspection trip and instantly I realised that we were going t o have lots of fun! They were so relaxed and easy going! We booked Zefiros Café a few kilometres outside Chalkida which is practically on the beach as the dream of Kim was to walk on the beach and get married on the sand!

It was an intimate wedding of 50 guests. They all arrived earlier to get to know the area and combine the wedding of their friends with summer vacation. The town of Chalkida was really crowed at that time but vivid with tavernas, restaurants and coffee shops for all tastes. The long pedestrian street next to the water is an awesome stroll that everyone had.

The first day the couple had a location shooting where together with the photographer they discovered lovely areas and spots to get inspired! In the evening boys & girls went out to celebrate! The next morning went really smoothly and relaxed. The groom invited his groomsmen to get ready at his house while the brides maids and the bride were getting ready at a beautiful house which felt like home to her!

The whole decoration concept was built on the bridesmaids dresses! S dusty pink and green were the colours of the wedding. Kim and Theo had a specific vision of how they wanted the venue and table decoration and so that was exactly how we did it!

The Groom & his party arrived earlier as usual but when Kim and her girl friends arrived we all said WOW! Their dresses were far better than in the pictures. When Theo faced Kim while waiting in front of the celebrant tears came to his eyes. The moment was very touching and romantic. At the end of the ceremony one of the bridesmaids sang a beautiful song to honour the wedding! Then lots and lots of pictures followed…

After dinner the show started!!! The ladies started dancing a splendid choreography and men followed right after! I believe it was one of the best I have ever seen! Then they played a game which was a surprise from two friends of them. They were sitting on having turned his back to the other holding one shoe that belonged to the bride and one to the groom. Both the same. Then the friends asked questions and the couple had to answer i.e who cooks better? And the couple had to answer spontaneously by rising the adequate shoe. It was a fantastic idea and all who witnessed loved it!!!

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