Pedro & Mark

Pedro & Mark

A wedding in Spetses

When Pedro first contacted me I immediately understood the class that characterises him. On our first skype chat when I met Mark, too, I told myself “this couple is unique I must become their wedding planner”. I ended up being their planner and friend. Two amazing people, two lovely characters, two marvellous personalities! It was chemistry all around!

The destination who won their hearts was Spetses although they first visited the island on a cold and rainy day of February. Their guests upon their arrival at the Athens airport, got on the bus and drove all the way to Kosta. The first evening was supposed to be a quiet welcome dinner at Mourayo Restaurant ,but ended up being a mad dance party!

The next morning all guests boarded the Buona Fortuna to explore the island. After swimming in the crystal waters of Spetses they ended up at Agioi Aargyroi for a BBQ. What more can someone ask for! Return was at 5pm and then at 8pm a special dinner was arranged for them at the Orloff Restaurant at the Old port. Excellent food, unique environment and positive energy!

On the third day was the wedding, the location of which was kept a secret from everyone. The ceremony was arranged at an open air amphitheatre up a hill beyond the trees. Difficult access but rewarding! Pedro is an author who also directs a Theatre in Lisbon, while Mark’s mother is a British actress and he, an international journalist. So Pedro’s group performed, Mark’s mum read PLATO As they keep travelling and meeting new people, their guests were diverse, unique, beautiful, international with great sense of humour and all positive thinkers! In some strange way they were all different and yet one big family! Their entrance was with a TANDEM BIKE (!!!!), while their exchanging of vows was something we will never forget. The love, friendship and kindness of the grooms for one another was very touching.

The reception was hosted at Vrelos Beach. The whole night was a series of highlights and unique moments to last for a lifetime. We listened to the two fathers of the grooms speak from their hearts, their friends who described the two personalities in funny ways, we had the tremendous chance to listen to live Portuguese songs, by a popular singer and enjoy the fabulous Chicago style first dance of the two grooms!!!

The decoration was wreaths of greenery with lemons and candles. Flip flops were offered to everyone to enjoy their night on the beach relaxed. At the entrance a huge poster showed the places the two grooms visited! The tables were names after a place where the grooms have met the people sitting there. The party ended around 5am and that was only because they had an early wake up. The program included a quick swim at Kaiki beach before saying good bye to Pedro and Mark and Spetses. Pedro and Mark you are a love magnet!!!

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