Rebecca & Jacob

Rebecca & Jacob

A wedding in Spetses

Rebecca contacted me about one year before the wedding. She was young, sweet, strong and above all positive thinker. Jacob although also very young was mature, easy going, a joyful person. Seeing them together for the very first time, I said to myself “they seem so happy together”. That is what a marriage is all about. Two people who are meant to be together, who love and respect one another for life. That kind of a couple they are. You can see it in their eyes.

The civil wedding took place at Spetses Town hall between them and two witnesses and the symbolic one at the amphitheatre of Anargyrios School. This location is breath taking especially for people like Rebecca who are very fond of Greece, Greek history and culture and generally speaking everything Greek. It is a very romantic location under the trees with a great view to the sea. The bride arrived at a horse and carriage and the groom was waiting for her with a big smile. The ceremony was performed by a family member who knew the couple very well.

The reception took place at Cielo Mar, a beautiful place next to the sea at a short distance from the port of Dapia. The guests enjoyed excellent food, lots of drinks, great music and dance.

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