Stephanie & Alex

Stephanie & Alex

A wedding in Spetses

My first contact was with Anthony and Becky, Stephanie’s parents who shared the same vision as their daughter. We worked closely together for almost a year making a very good team which resulted in an extraordinary wedding. It was a four day event which was carefully designed, planned and magnificently executed. Nothing was left to chance. The wedding took place in the beautiful island of Spetses.

They chose Agios Nikolaos church for the ceremony which is found in a picturesque location a short walk from Dapia, the port of Spetses. All guests who witnessed arrived at the church by traditional boats, while the bride and bridal party in horse and carriages!

The reception was hosted at Poseidonion Grand, a hotel that represents the cosmopolitan face of the island and is one of the islands’ famous landmarks. With an ambience of refined luxury and guarantee of impeccable service, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel was the best option for the reception.

The musicians created a unique atmosphere both at the church and during the cocktail at the venue. A seated menu carefully selected added to the glam of the event. The decoration was romantic and revealed the good taste of the two families. The highlight of the evening was the live band that thrilled all guests.

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